Commission TOS/Pricing

Couples WaistUp$150$100 
Couples Fullbody$170$130$50

Returning customers receive a 10% returning discount!

Terms of Service

Payment is made through paypal invoices only.Communication is important to me!If you have a problem or suggestion with the commission during any of its stages, PLEASE let me know.

█I am very open to any alterations you might ask and do not charge through the early drafting process.

█However, if you still seem unsatisfied after you receive your commission, I will give a partial refund.
  ANY cancellation must be made before receiving or paying the invoice.

-My commissions are DIGITAL purchases only.
-They do not need physical or any type of shipment.-My commissions are for PERSONAL USE/NON-COMMERCIAL. You cannot use it for any commercial means or re-sell it in any way.

Clients do not hold the right to use my commissions in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.
Clients are NOT allowed to use commissions for AI use or to put input my art in any type of AI software.

I will not accept a commission from you if you promote racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism and/or pedophilia.
I have the right to refuse and cancel any commission for any reason, any arguments after refusal/rejection will be blocked and ignored in the future.

Refund Policy

If your commission is not completed within 3 full months and you have not received any updates/status from me within that time, you are free to ask for a refund.Conditions for any type of refund (partial refunds for commissions that were already in progress) exclude work interruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances such as illness, accident or any other credibly documented reason for interruption of work.If there are any reasons for any type of refund (financial issue, health issue, etc) please let me know, I am willing to discuss a refund without intruding on your personal life.

Commission Info

More Open toOld Men
Middle Aged Characters
Monster/Eldritch Characters
Muscular Characters
Body Horror
NSFW/Kink art*
*Don't be afraid to ask what kinks are allowed! I'm very open
(T4T always welcome 😊 )

I am ONLY accepting clear image references for characters, do not send me written references or compilations!!

I do not accept the following:
Offensive designs and prompts
IRL people/celebrity figures
Young/Underage Characters
NSFW art of cismale x cisfemale
If you have any questions on what is/isn’t allowed,
don’t be afraid to ask!

All my Commission styles receive the same:
★Large high-quality PNG file
★Both original and line-art version

-All files are uploaded onto a google drive which is only available to you
-You do not receive any watermarked versions unless requestedAll requests must be submitted through commission form, after that I either message you via twitter or emailProvide as much information as you can upfront for easier approvalIf accepted, I send an invoice that can be paid immediately, half up front or when I start commission
Ask for partial payment options if needed

Artist Note
Commission turn around time: 2 weeks to a month
Clients are my highest priority and I always make sure to update if something comes up in my personal life and provide many WIPs pictures as requested.I am very open to talking during the commission and I encourage any questions or comments any time in the email or whatever messaging system we are using to communicate while I am working on your art!Do not be afraid to open up to any problems you see during the WIP stages, I want to provide only the best quality of work to you!